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Recording Music


As we move into the future of music, it is becoming increasingly more vital for artists to be able to record their own music. The music we create encapsulates our sense of belonging, self expression, creativity, and countless hours of practice. All of which deserve to be captured in a way that does the music justice. 


Through collaborative workshops, students will learn everything from home studio set up to post production. The information offered in the workshops is accumulative and designed to cater towards all musical backgrounds. The workshops prepare students to use DAWs as creative writing tools and record music that is fit for commercial release. All of which happens in an environment where students can share their work and ask questions directly as they progress. 

Private Lessons 

Just as with instrumental studies, one of the most effective ways to progress, is by taking one on one instructions. With Brianna, you will be given individualized feedback specific to your experience level and home studio set up. Taking private instructions will give you the ability to dive deep into the aspects of production that are most pertinent to your own journey while asking questions freely and use the DAW of your choice. 


Central to my teaching philosophy is that music should be fun. Every single person has a place in music because music lives inside each of us. No matter if my students wish to pick up a new hobby or pursue music as a career, I am honored to guide each of them on their musical journey. I strive to motivate and enlighten my students the same way my incredible mentors have with me. 

Teaching Philosophy 

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"Brianna ran an awesome virtual Electronic Music Production workshop for Girls Rock Campaign Boston over the summer of 2020. The workshop was intergenerational and Brianna did a great job leading participants, who ranged from elementary school youth to fully-grown adults, through her well-thought-out activities. Participants walked away with new skills and a new song of their own. We hope to work with her again in the future!"


-Charlotte Huffman M.Ed 

Program Director at Girls Rock Campaign Boston